The Mountain Goat Marathon starts and finishes at Blue Jay Campground, located in the Trabuco region of the Cleveland National Forest.  The camp is 22 miles east of San Juan Capistrano, Ca. and 5 miles North of the Ortega Highway (RTE74).  The race has over 5,000 ft of elevation gain and is rated one of the toughest Marathons in California.  According to Lambert Timmermans “Even the downhill is up”.   This race is not for the squimish, the easily intimidated, or the undertrained.  It has 6 fully stocked aid stations ready to support your needs be it a hot drink or a cold compress.

 That said – if you enjoy challenging terrain, unpredictable weather, long continuous climbs, beautiful scenery, and the respect of your peers then the Mountain Goat is the race for you.  As with all Old Goat Productions you will be presented with a unique finishers medal, a Mountain Goat runners hat, and other swag (determined by turnout - the more runners the more swag.)


This race has been in existance for over twenty years.  In prior years it was named the Saddleback Trail Marathon and was directed by the ever colorful and ribald Baz Hawley.  As Baz would say 23 - 26 they all have to run the same F'n distance.  So if you are looking for that 23 mile magic marathon it doesn't exist.  This course is 26.2 and the race runs in opposite direction every other year..  Yes - Down Holy Jim and Up Trabuco.


Sorry the current director lacks that charisma of Bazza but we do flip a good burger.  IF participation is good we will have age group awards but don't expect 5 year divisions.  Might only be Open and Masters and I'll decide how old the masters will be after I see how many 'seniors' enter.


If you insist on NOT using the internet to register you can request a snail mail entry by e-mailing me ultradawg@gmail.com.



Saddleback Mountain Goat Marathon
Counter Clockwise in even years

View from the Upper Holy Jim