Billy Goat's 1/2 Marathon and Hill Climb

Billy's Hill Climb takes place on the Indian Truck Trail, a single lane jeep trail from Corona California to a pass between Santiago and Trabuco Peaks in the Trabuco region of the Cleveland National Forest.  The course is wide enough to allow easy passing in either direction.  The footing is 97% decomposed granite and 3% exposed rock.  It is without exception, the fastest dirt course on the Mountain.  Although there is significant elevation changes (2,400ft), none of the grades are demanding or particularly dangerous.
The 1/2 Marathon consists of 6.5 miles of almost continuous climb followed by 6.5 miles of descent.  The Mountain Climb winners will be the first man and first woman to arrive at the turn-around point on the race.   The 1/2 marathon winners will be determined at the completion of the round trip.
Limited to 200 runners...  parking is at a premium - please car pool if possible.
Race Date June 22, 2012  Entry Fee $75 to 6 May 2012 $90 after
There are two races in one. The first man and woman to the top of the climb will be crowned King and Queen of the mountain. The 1/2 marathon awards will be determined by completion of the round trip.