Hi, I'm Army Major Matt Cavanaugh, member of the All Army Cross Country team and fellow ultra distance addict. My partner and fellow Veteran Mr. Tom Cocchiarella and I have been raising money (over $100,00 since Veterans Day 2009) and awareness for an amazing organization, the Wounded Warrior Project. The WWP is dedicated to assisting and empowering severely wounded servicemen and women through direct programs and unique services to help them get back some semblance of normal life. As someone that's spent two years in Iraq, I can tell you that when people ask me what they can do for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans ~ I don't hesitate to tell them that this is the best program that I've encountered.

Team Wounded Warrior Project was designed to seek solidarity with the daily physical and mental challenges these wounded Heroes face through several endurance challenges. I've run in nearly 300 miles worth of events this past year. At one of these events, the TransRockies Run 2009 (Team WWP finished 5th overall), I got to meet and know one of the classiest guys I've had the privilege of meeting on the trail ~ Mr. Steve Harvey. Steve asked me to write this entry for the Nanny Goat site...

A tie to the event you're doing, for me, is that on May 30, 2010, I'll be running too. When Steve told me about Nanny Goat I really wanted to be there; then saw the date. I've already committed to and entered the Comrades Marathon in South Africa. It's a race that was created to honor Veterans from the First World War, something that inspired me to start doing this, with Tom, one year ago.

So here's my pitch. Please read a little bit about what Tom and I have been up to via our
 If you like what you see and read, please consider participating in the Nanny Goat pledge drive. There's a link to the Wounded Warrior Project secure donation server at the top of our blog. The WWP is BBB accredited, 88% of the donations go straight to wounded troops, and it will send you a receipt for tax purposes instantaneously (just like a regular credit card purchase).

I sincerely hope to gain your support for America's severely wounded Heroes. My wish is that his coming May 30th, we'll all have one thing in common: overcoming hardship and enduring difficulty in order to support these deserving servicemen and women. Watch our video on the WWP supported "Soldier Ride" ~ Pacific to Atlantic Ocean ~ a fully supported bike ride for multiple amputees. You all know what it feels like to cross a finish line, to have struggled and finished. That mental state, that sense of accomplishment, that's one of the many ways the WWP helps our severely wounded Veterans. Let's help give them that same feeling!

Join with Team WWP this coming Memorial Day weekend!

All my best & Keep moving forward,
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