The Chimera 100 Mile Mountain Race

The Chimera is a beast from Greek mythology.  According to Homer it is part goat, part lion, and part serpent.   The question remains,  which is the Chimera - the ultra-runner or the mountain?
The Chimera course begins with a technical 11 mile singletrack loop followed by an equally technical 22 mile loop out of Bluejay Campground. It then begins a series of climbs and descents in over and around the Saddleback Mountains of the Cleveland National Forest. There are 18 well stocked Aid Stations, each captained by a veteran ultrarunner, many of them RD's.

The views from the summit of Santiago peak can be spectacular on a clear day. Included are the Queen Mary in Long Beach harbor, downtown Los Angeles, and the beach cities of the OC. The light shows at night can be extremely dramatic with the mountains surrounded by a sea of city lights. In a population of almost 10 million, fewer that 1/100 of a % of the people in the greater LA area have seen these views. As with any course in the national forest the course can be modified at any time if so dictated by the Forest Service.

We are restricted to 150 runners (including pacers) total... Pacing in the 100 Mile will be determined on a runner by runner basis - preference being given to the elderly (Bud), infirm, and distance virgins.
THIS RACE HAS A 34 HOUR TIME LIMIT. Cutoffs are generous and will be published in the race instructions. However the Race Director, EMT's, or Aid Station Captains may pull a runner at any time if, in their opinion, continuing would be unsafe for the runner. Discontinuing the race before the expiration of 34 hours is a possibility if deteriorating weather (like 2009) renders the course unsafe for competitors OR volunteers.