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Doug Malewicki gets #70 on his 70th birthday
Mike Muenzer
Kristen, Virgil, & Janet
Abandon Hope all Ye
Who Enter here
Lorraine Gersitz "CROC Lady"
Pictures of Old Goat Trail Races
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Ben Hian 2009 winner
Jean Ho of the So Cal Trail Headz welcomes the runners to heaven.
Shelli Sexton and Star, her Tevis Cup partner, resupplied remote aid stations... In this photo Shelli is shown rehydrating.
Lucinda carried the colors for 12 hours without a rest
The top of the stairway to heaven at the Old Goat 50
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Eric Clifton, Michelle, and Pam Everett
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Jennifer, Jean, and Kristen at the 2010 Nanny Goat 12/24/100