The Old Goat's 50 Mile Trail Race is a modified figure eight course that starts and finishes at Blue Jay Campground, located in the Trabuco region of the Cleveland National Forest.  The camp is 22 miles east of San Juan Capistrano, Ca. and 5 miles North of the Ortega Highway (RTE74).  The race has 13,423' of elevation gain and is rated one of the toughest 50 mile trail races in the Country.   This race is not for the squimish, the easily intimidated, or the undertrained.  It has twelve fully stocked aid stations ready to support your needs be it a hot drink or a cold compress.



According to Lambert Timmermans “Even the downhill is up”.  That said – if you enjoy challenging terrain, unpredictable weather, long continuous climbs, beautiful scenery, and the respect of your peers then the Old Goat is the race for you.  If you want a less exciting course where you can run a fast time and easily qualify for a 100 miler click here instead.  But if you judge a trail run not by the breaths you take but by the miles that take your breath away - you'll love the Old Goat!


Read what some prior participants had to say:


"..thanks to you and your marvelous volunteers for hosting another great event.  Every aspect of the race from your web site, to the dissemination of info, to the course marking, to the aid stations was done first rate.  I have attended hundreds of ultras over the years and this was one of the best."  Scott Mills (RD San Diego 100)


"Great run Steve. Will be there again. I love punishing myself for pleasure."  Dina Aman (2 time finisher)


"Thank you Steve and Annie for an unforgettable experience!  You know what's crazy?  As we were climbing up on the "Stairway to Heaven" and my legs felt like lead and my body numb, I still felt elated in a masochistic sorta way, and I decided right there that I have to do this one again."  Marisol Martinez 


Old Goat's 50 Mile Trail Race 22 March 2014

Google Earth Map of the Old Goat
View from the Upper Holy Jim