Old Goat's 50 Mile Trail Race
The Old Goat's 50 Mile Trail Race is comprised of a relatively benign twenty mile loop followed by a not so benign thirty. There is 13,423' of 'UP' in this race with a continuous 4000' climb from Holy Jim Canyon to the summit of Santiago Peak. This fifty mile race ranks among the toughest fifty milers in the country...
The Chimera V 100 Miles
 (Revenge of the Ultrarunner)

 Old Goat Trail Races

The Chimera races follow single tracks and Truck Trails in and around the canyons and peaks of the Saddleback Mountains in the Cleveland National Forest. The contest is between the runner and the Mountain... Which is the Chimera and which is the prey will be determined! The Chimera
All Courses subject to the approval of the National Forest Service.
22 March 2014 6:30 am
November 15/16 2014
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Linda Fox Outbound on the Main Divide
Keira Henninger & Michelle Barton on the Trabuco Trail in December
Andy Kumeda on his way to Holy Jim
The 2012 and 2013 Chimera 100s Sold out early
2014 Chimera signup will begin 2 February, 2014.
NOTE: there will NOT be a 100K option